How To Participate in the MUUC 2021 Annual Meeting

This year, the church annual meeting will be an online meeting, similar to our online worship. 

Link to Attend the Annual Meeting

Please use this online link to go to the MUUC Annual Meeting. Please arrive by 6:45pm.

For voting on each item of business, we will spit into breakout rooms that will be staffed by volunteers who will count and record the vote; then we’ll be returned to the main meeting.

Here’s what to expect

You will receive the MUUC 2021 Annual Report via email by May 14. This contains reports from all church leadership and staff, the proposed budget for 2020-21, and the slate of nominations for leadership positions for the 2020-21 church year. Please read this before attending on May 18.

Please try to sign in to the meeting by 6:45, since we’ll need more time than usual to take attendance and establish a quorum.

While in the online meeting, please be familiar with the following

  • When entering the meeting, please use a participant name that you expect will be familiar to the congregation. First and last name are suitable, or last-name “family”, for example.
  • Muting and unmuting yourself. Tip: if dialed in by phone, *6 mutes and unmutes.
  • Please try to keep your video on, if you are using a device with a camera that has online capability. If you need to stop your video (hide your picture from the meeting), be familiar with how to do that. 
  • Raise and un-raise hand. Access this via the participants’ list – there should be a menu or button that achieves this. This is the preferred method for asking to be recognized to speak in the meeting. Tip: if dialed in by phone, *9 raises and un-raises hand. A raised hand is shown in this document as “raised hand”.

In the meeting:

    • Upon joining the meeting, you will be assigned a breakout room. This is similar to worship, when breakout rooms are used for coffee hour.
    • When the meeting starts at 7:00, everyone will be sent to their assigned breakout room. Two volunteer hosts will check with each attendee and record attendance in the room for eligible voters. Once that process has finished, everyone will be returned to the main online meeting. Tip: if dialed in by phone, you will be asked to identify yourself, and a room host will assign you an attendee name.
    • The chairperson (Board president) will conduct the meeting according to the agenda (in the Annual Report). Roberts Rules will be used for items requiring a congregational vote.
    • Request to be recognized to speak to the meeting by using the “raise hand” (via participants’ menu, or *9 if dialed in); the chairperson will recognize you in turn.
    • When a recognized speaker makes a motion, the chairperson will ask that all “raised hand” be un-raised; then, will request a second. The motion is seconded by a “raised hand” for recognition; when recognized, that speaker seconds the motion verbally.
    • When the motion has been seconded, the chairperson conducts discussion by recognizing people in turn by “raised hand”. Each speaker is allowed approximately two minutes, and requested to speak about why they support or oppose the motion – the chairperson is responsible to keep discussion focused on the motion.
    • When discussion has finished – or a recognized speaker calls the question and the chairperson agrees – voting commences.


    • All attendees are sent to their assigned breakout rooms.
    • The room host volunteers make a verbal roll call of the eligible voters in their room, asking each in turn to unmute and say “in favor”, “opposed”, or “abstain”.
    • All attendees are then sent back to the main online meeting, and the agenda continues.
  • The last item on the agenda will be to adjourn. The chairperson will request a motion for that, and a second, according to the procedure listed above. Instead of voting in breakout rooms, the chairperson will ask attendees to wave at their device camera if they support adjournment (Roberts Rules do not permit discussion of a motion to adjourn).