Current Plans for COVID-Safe Worship

(updated 1-5-22)

Our 2021-22 Covid Safety Team (Florence C., Jeanie H, Mary H., and Cathy S. with advisors Dan G., Rev. Susanne, DRE Katie Campbell, and Music Director Tara Tresner-Kirsch) continue to regularly review the local COVID numbers, listen to congregation feedback, and consult with the Worship Committee to determine appropriate safety protocols for indoor and outdoor worship.

Due to the recent high rate of Covid cases in our area, this is
our plan for safe and meaningful worship, at least throughout January 2022:

  • Worship: Worship in January 2022 will be on Zoom only. No in person attendance will be allowed.
  • Choir: There will be no choir practice nor live choir performances during worship this month.
  • Religious Education: (RE) classes and activities for K-6 and High School will be Zoom only. The OWL class will be allowed to meet under extremely specific protocols, including proof of a negative Covid test the day of each meeting for all attendees along with wearing KN95 masks, staying socially distanced, no food or beverage consumption, and using the two large ventilators in the Supper Room.
  • In-person meetings and events: All church-related meetings and events, unless otherwise specified, are cancelled for the month. The Montessori School will continue to operate and AA will continue to meet in Parish Hall on Sunday evenings.

There continue to be many moving pieces here and policies will need to be updated as the situation changes. Your leaders are doing their best to create opportunities to meet everyone’s various social, medical, and spiritual needs while remaining safe. We are interested in your feedback and would like to know more about your needs, wants, and comfort levels. Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us. The Safety Task Group meets the first Tuesday evening of the month at 7:30pm.

Yours in Faithful Care,

Safety Task Group: [email protected]

Florence C., Jeanie H., Mary H., Cathy S.
Dan G., Rev. Susanne, Katie C., Tara T-K