KN95 Masks Required during Sunday Worship

(Updated May 24, 2022)

Due to the continued increase in Covid cases in our community and high transmission rate, the church has reinstated the mandate that KN95 masks must be worn by everyone in the Sanctuary for the Sunday service. Masks (of any type) must be worn in the building for all other church activities. Food and beverage consumption in the building is also not allowed at this time for church events. We will continue to carefully monitor Covid conditions in our area and hope that we can soon loosen our safety protocols once again.

Further details include:

  • Worship:   
    • Hybrid services will continue to be offered
    • All the pews will be available for seating
    • KN95 masks must be worn by everyone; KN95 masks will continue to be made available
    • The two large ventilators will continue to operate, reduced to half power to lower the noise level; windows will be open when weather permits
    • Singing by the masked congregation is allowed
    • Singing by the full choir is allowed, wearing KN95 or N95 masks, somewhat socially distanced with the Music Director unmasked if desired
    • A maximum of two presenters (staff, chalice readers, minister and presenter for Joys & Sorrows, musicians, etc.) may be unmasked while presenting from the front area of the Sanctuary, socially distanced from all others
    • The ushers may pass the plate to receive donations
  • Coffee hour: inside masks must be worn by all and no food or beverages may be served, ventilators must be running; outside masks are optional and food and beverages may be served (self-serve portions recommended)
  • Choir: inside Sanctuary – full choir OK, KN95 or N95 masked, somewhat socially distanced, ventilators running, Music Director may be unmasked; outside – masks are not required but people somewhat socially distanced is recommended.
  • Religious Education:  RE classes and activities will be held according to room occupation guidelines, with masks worn by all, ventilator(s) running, socially distanced as appropriate. Food and beverages currently are not allowed.
  • Church meetings and events: inside – in-person meetings are allowed according to room occupation levels (see below) with ventilator(s) running, masks worn by all, food and beverages not allowed. Offering a hybrid option utilizing the OWL meeting technology is recommended to allow participation by those not comfortable being in the building. Use of the OWL must be reserved through the church office. Outside -masks are optional, socially distanced as appropriate, food & beverage consumption allowed.
    • Library: 6 total
    • Multi-Purpose Room: 10 total
    • Parlor: 15 total
    • Supper Room: 30 total
    • Kitchen: 8 total
    • Parish Hall: 100+ total (no special Covid limit)
  • Community use of space: The Property Committee determines what outside groups are allowed to use the church for activities and they must be booked through the Office Administrator. 

Current church safety protocols are not mandated for non-church activities (Montessori and AA meetings) EXCEPT the ventilators must be running.

There continue to be many moving pieces here and policies will be updated as the situation changes. Your leaders are doing their best to create opportunities to meet everyone’s various social, medical, and spiritual needs while remaining safe. We are interested in your feedback and would like to know more about your needs, wants, and comfort levels. Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us. The Safety Task Group meets the first Tuesday evening of the month at 7:30pm.

Yours in Faithful Care,

Safety Task Group: [email protected]

Florence C., Jeanie H., Mary H., Cathy S.
Dan G., Rev. Susanne, Katie C., Tara T-K