Please Pitch In: YOU & MUU!

Work To Sustain Our Church

As MUUC’s Board continues to learn from and support the work of committees, staff, members and friends, part of its job is to foster the involvement of our whole congregation.

This work is vital for the operation of our church and the sustenance of our mission.


Here is a sampling of some of the Task Groups and Initiatives undertaken by and/or at the behest of the Board. 

  • Adult Enrichment – Help to foster adult enrichment and education both within our church community and for the greater Melrose community. Collaboration and contribution opportunities include planning, development, presentation, and publicity. Work with DRE and RE committee, Community Engagement, and church committees and ministry teams.
  • Nominating Committee – The Nominating Committee is tasked with filling leadership roles and presenting a Slate of Candidates for the Congregation to vote on at the Annual Meeting. The Board is looking for another member or two to join the Nominating Committee, to help connect church members to leadership positions. This is a great way to learn about how our church works and to meet and learn about people in our congregation. It is a vital service that sustains our lay leadership and our church work and operation.
  • Right Relations – Develop and oversee guidelines for how we interact and work together in community.
  • Communications and Web Site – How we communicate internally about our work and community, and how we attract and engage with our community beyond our walls.
  • Assistant Collector – Assist Collector Christine S. and consider taking on the Collector’s role for the 2018-19 church year.
  • Church Rental Policies and Space Usage – How we make our space available for internal and external use; how this supports our budget and operation consistent with our values.
  • Kitchen Operation and Safety – Make effective use of our kitchen as a vital resource for our community and mission while helping to ensure physical safety and food safety.
  • Public Messaging Process – Work with Community Engagement group and the Board on a process whereby we may express messages publicly – signs, banners, public statements, etc. – with confidence and conviction that express our values and our identity as a UU congregation.
  • “Giving Beyond Our Walls” Process – Work with the minister and our Board to consider prospective beneficiaries.
  • Space UseHelp us manage and plan space use, including considering ideas for how areas of our building and grounds may be reconfigured and how they may be shared.
  • Manage InventoryTo best use our finite space, help us decide: which articles to keep, which to discard.

This work is in various stages of progress. Some need volunteer help to get started or to continue. The folks doing the work and the Board will make more information available as the work proceeds (in fact, the above item about communications web site is vital toward that end).

Please reach out to the President of the Board directly by emailing [email protected] for more immediate information and to find out what help is needed.

And Thank You!