MUUC Potluck Dinner Parties

Held in the homes of members and friends, these potluck suppers for 7-9 adults provide a good way to gather for fun in an informal setting and get to know new people — or get better acquainted with familiar faces. Here’s how they work:

  • Sign up at Coffee Hour or online by the deadline (Sunday before the dinner, 1:00 pm). If you sign up as a Guest, please consider it a commitment to provide part of the meal, even if an unforeseen problem prevents your attending. That way there won’t be any gaps in the meal.

    Be sure to indicate whether you need a special diet and/or would like a ride. Your host will help communicate that to all other guests, and you will also receive all guest names & contact info.
  • On Sunday before the dinner (after the 1:00 pm deadline), the organizers:
    1. Match guests with hosts, aiming for a mix of generations, singles, couples, long-time members or friends and newer members of friends.
    2. Create an online potluck-contribution sheet for each host.
    3. Contact hosts to tell them of their assigned guests, any ride requests, and any diet restrictions. Also send the link to the host’s online contribution sheet.
  • On Sunday or Monday before the dinner, each host sends their guests an email with the link to the host’s online contribution sheet. Each host also mentions ride and dietary requests, and asks guests to complete the dinner’s contribution sheet online. (If a guest doesn’t have access to the Internet or doesn’t feel comfortable completing the sheet, the host may offer to help with that.) 
  • Suggested Meal Plan. Below is a suggested way to divide the preparation so nobody is overburdened. The contribution sheet that organizers provide to hosts will reflect this plan.

Host Set the time and provide dishes, utensils, and seating for 7-9 guests (card tables/TV trays are fine). No cooking! No driving! No babysitter! Note: If a couple hosts, one will be a “guest” and cook.

Guest 1 Appetizers for 7-9 people Guest 5 Salad for 7-9 people

Guest 2 Wine for 7-9 people Guest 6 Side dish for 7-9 people

Guest 3 Main course for 4-5 people Guest 7 Side dish for 7-9 people

Guest 4 Main course for 4-5 people Guest 8 Dessert for 7-9 people

All Hosts may decline help, but feel free to offer to help with clean-up before you go!