Reflections: April 2017

“Mom, Mom!” It was my daughter on the other end of the phone. She was still in college then, only 20 or 21, and very excited. I could tell. She didn’t call me that often when she was in college.

“Mom, guess what I just did! I called in and made a pledge to WGBH!”

I couldn’t remember the last time I’d heard her so happy, and so proud of herself.

It was for her, a rite of passage. She had stepped into the adult world. Taken responsibility for the community’s common life and common good. She had declared herself a player. Whatever this game of life was, of community was, of public engagement was, she was in. And I was one proud Momma.

How exciting it is for each of us, each time we do something that says “I’m in, I am a player!” It happens when we register to vote, when we join the church, when we make a financial pledge, when we say yes to an invitation to participate. We become new again, because we have taken charge of our lives, chosen intentionally who we will be and how and where we will be it. We are declaring, this is my place, these are my values, and my life will contribute and make a difference.

April unfolds this year as a month when we have inspiring opportunities to declare ourselves as players, to celebrate our life together as if that matters, and to rejoice that each year we can release ourselves from those things which we have allowed to hold us back from becoming what we dream.

Coming up: Men’s Retreat, All Church Auction, Financial Pledges, Passover Seder, New Member Sunday, Easter Sunday, and the Women’s Retreat.

They say there are those who have been born twice. And there are those who have been born just once. I say that there are those who are born again and again and again, each time they say “Yes!” to life, to love, engagement that matters. Let us be those people, born again and again, and again.

With love and an abundance of gratitude and blessings,

Rev. Anita