Reflections: February 2017

“Love is as relentless as evil is heartless.” Rev. Dr. Kirk Jones

February is the month of Love. By mid- January the hearts and flowers were on display, lest we forget. And I’m okay with that. Being reminded to tell people they are loved is a good thing. Being reminded to love them is even better.

And, February is Black History month. How interesting that a nation with such a troubled story around race relations chose the month of love to consider the history of African Americans within our American story. Could it be that at some level, we have actually acknowledged that love is hard, and requires staying through uncomfortable situations and engaging in difficult conversations? We will be challenged as a nation in the years ahead to step into the difficult conversations that love requires. And who better to engage the initiative than the religious community that is committed to Standing on the Side of Love- we Unitarian Universalists. I think it is our time.

Be encouraged, friends. Love is not always hard! Some conversations are exhilarating, mending, even bonding. We have all kinds of conversations planned for the month of February. House meetings! Yes, for you. Please come. We want 100% of the congregation engaged in conversation about who we are and where we want to go. You get to meet folks and hear what they have to say. You get to be heard. And we get a meaningful sounding about the identity and desires of MUUC- before you search for a minister. Be sure to find a house meeting for you!

New Unitarian Universalist Discovery classes! We have so many friends of the church, and new and curious folks visiting us. And maybe some longer timers who still are not sure how the church works or who would like a better grasp of UU history, or how their spiritual journey fits into the UU community of faith. Join us for a three session explore and an invitation to engage. I am excited. (More info elsewhere in this issue.)

These are interesting times. For our world, our country, and our church. Some wish it were not so. But for me, these interesting times, times of uncertainty and transition, are also incredibly rich opportunities to shape our future and make a difference, by speaking up, by listening compassionately, by casting vision and by signing on to be the change for which we dream. Sign on folks. It is our future, together.

Yours in faith, in love and in courageous aspiration,

Rev. Anita