Reflections: May 2017

Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.” Bill Moyers

We at MUUC are at a most interesting time. (Not a curse, but an invitation). On the one hand, we are beginning to see the end of the church year, readying ourselves for the summer vacation. Annual Reports are in. Nominating Committee is closing in on nominations for our open positions. The Ministerial Search Committee slate is being crafted as you read this. We will be honoring those who have served, and welcoming those coming onto new positions at our Annual Meeting May 16. A very ordinary and orderly transfer of lay leadership as some step down so others can have a turn.

And yet, under the appearance of the ordinary and the mundane, something new is happening.

Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous,” says Bill Moyers. I think we are at that moment.

We are poised for exploration. We are equipped with curiosity. If we can hold that state of being as our defining state, I am convinced that indeed creativity will pierce through to the marvelous.

The Transition Team, listening to and studying your responses at the house meetings, has noted that while most house meetings expressed a valuing of and an interest in diversity, what that meant or how to get there was a mystery. So they have proposed a year of exploration – exploring what diversity means to MUUC, from which can grow creative ideas of how to do what we want to do. Rather than jumping immediately to solutions (which may be quick fixes, but not substantive), the Board and the Council have affirmed this year of exploration as a congregation wide, all hands on deck experience.

Concurrently, the Board has approved a year of exploration and consideration of how we do religious education here at MUUC, and how it is, or isn’t working for us. An RE Transition Team will work with Anne, much as my Transition Team has worked with me, and all of us will work in tandem.

So we are poised for a year of exploration on every level of our common life – the way we work together, play together, learn together, worship together, and grow together as individuals and as a profound and covenanted spiritual community. We will regularly be asking ourselves who we might be missing.

It may sometimes feel uncomfortable, nudging us into unfamiliar places. Creativity is like that. The marvelous can be like that too, requiring us to take the brave steps to cross thresholds into unexplored territory.

We are launching this bold initiative when MUUC is slowing down for vacation. I hope that it is a germinating time for thinking about what all this means for you and our shared community, and time to dream a little. Come to Annual Meeting prepared for curiosity- let it be a conversation of exploration and creativity.

Faithfully yours,

Rev. Anita