Reflections: November 2017

Gorgeous, amazing things come into our lives when we are paying attention: mangoes, grandnieces, Bach, ponds. This happens more often when we have as little expectation as possible. If you say, ‘Well, that’s pretty much what I thought I’d see,’ you are in trouble.” (Anne Lamott)

My friends, this church year is the year of paying attention. I think Anne Lamott is right when she says, “If you say, ‘Well, that’s pretty much what I thought I’d see,’ you are in trouble.” So, this is the year of foiled expectations and great leaps of wonder and faith, by design. Your Topic Teams and the Transition Teams Collaborative are in cahoots with the Worship Committee and the RE Consulting Team, to help us all pay attention. So far, they are doing a great job. Personal testimonies during worship have been compelling. (There are always spots for more) Ideas and experiences explored have guided us to deeper places of self-reflection and a growing awareness of others’ experiences and realities, As the year unfurls before us, we know only that we are creating space, openings and opportunities for us to let in new ideas, new experiences, and even new understandings of ourselves as well as others. It is a path to gratitude and wonder.

Six weeks of exploring issues related to Ability have piqued our interest and curiosity to the extent that it is difficult to wind it down. We surely could engage this topic for a whole year. Some of you may wish to, and I’d encourage you to go the UUA website ( for further ideas.

Our Age Topic Team is already framing questions and explorations for us after All Souls Sunday.

Please do consider bringing in some token of a person you’ve lost to be placed on the remembrance altar All Souls Sunday, Nov. 5.

We anticipate taking a break from our topic focused worship for the December holiday period, resuming in January with our exploration of Race, Power and Privilege.

If you’d like to work on any of those Topic Teams, contact transitiontreams [at] melroseuu [dot] org. Remember, all of our topics will have programming for children and adults. We are on this exploration together. We eagerly welcome those of you with ideas for either children or adults, or both. We have found that once we pool our ideas, the alchemy begins and something unexpected and quite amazing emerges. If you ever doubted that learning and working together can be a spiritual experience, I invite you to join a Topic Team. It is worship in motion.

These times are rich in gratitude for all we have and all we share. It is not just about Thanksgiving Day. It is about the gratitudes large and small that season our lives every day.

Wishing you wonder,

Rev. Anita