Religious Education Blog

(photo credit: MUUC, taken during a visit from┬áMegan Kennedy and her hearing service dog Ras, from “Canine Companions”, and Lanie Cantor, who is raising a service dog)

From our DRE, Katie Camire:

Back in February the newly formed RE Committee and I created a list of what we want our children and youth to learn and experience as they move through the program. Our answers included, among other things, the development of a UU identity, multi-generational connections, nurturing community, and giving back. We then used this list as a basis for formulating our vision of the RE program this year. Our vision for this year includes implementing a few exciting programs:

  • We will be using “Soul Matters” to engage the children with the same spiritual themes the rest of the congregation is exploring
  • We have decided to use the Soul Matters supplemental curriculum, “Crossing Paths”, for our Middle School youth. This is a new take on the UU curriculums “Church Across the Street” and “Neighboring Faiths” that will allow our youth to explore other faith traditions through a UU lens.
  • Our High School youth will have the opportunity to participate in “Coming of Age”, a cornerstone program in Unitarian Universalism that leads the youth on a journey to articulate their beliefs

We are also refreshing our RE spaces. Two of our rooms have a fresh coat of paint and thanks to hardworking volunteers over the past weekend the Nursery is nearly done!

Want to get involved? Email me at “dre [at] melroseuu [dot] org” to find out more about the available opportunities!