Rev. Robert E. “Bob” Jones Award at Melrose UU Church

Rev. Robert E. Jones was the minister at the Melrose Unitarian Universalist Chuch from 1987 to 1989 when he passed away unexpectedly while hospitalized for surgery at the beginning of the church year.

A long-time member of our church, Phyllis B., wrote:

“Bob was a “lifelong UU. He was brought up in the Unitarian Church in Amherst, Mass. Early in his career, he was a newspaper reporter in Holyoke, Mass., where he wrote about social justice issues. Later, he worked at the UUA Social Justice Unit in Washington, D.C. Rev. Dana Greeley, then president of the UUA, worked closely with Bob. During that time and beyond, Bob marched in Selma and was deeply involved in civil rights. While he was our minister, he preached and advocated for many important social justice issues.”

In late 1990, the Board of the Melrose Unitarian Universalist Church honored Rev. Bob’s passion for social justice by establishing the “Robert E. Jones Memorial Award”. Some of the past recipients have included:

1997 – Noam Chomsky (social critic, linguist, speaker) & the UU Urban Ministry
1999 – David Nyhan (Boston Globe columnist & associate editor)
2003 – Rev. John Buehrens (UU Minister & Past-President of the UUA)
2005 – Joan Vennochi (Boston Globe columnist)
2009 – Emma’s Revolution (folk-singing activist duo)
2012 – Rev Bill Schulz (Former director of Amnesty International & Past-President of the UUA)
2013 – Bill Baird (reproductive rights activist)
2015 – Afro D. (Musician)