RIM/Metro North Cluster Bulb Sale

The Metro North Cluster that supports our asylum seeking clients (and hopefully some Afghan refugees in the near future) is holding a Fall Flower Bulb Sale/Fundraiser. There are a great variety of Narcissus, Crocus, Tulips and more! This flyer provides details.
The deadline for orders is October 10, but supplies of some items may be limited so get your order in early! If demand is high early on we can order more stock – not so as we get close to the deadline.
We have set up a website for bulb orders (thanks to Paul R). If you participated in the Spring flower sale or the MUUC Auction your account information should be preserved. If you have forgotten your password simply request a password reset.
If the website doesn’t work, you can use this order form, but please use the website if possible. It makes organizing the orders so much easier. I’m happy to help anyone to set up their account on the website if needed.
Feel free to promote this outside our MUUC community, but note that non MUUC members need to be pre-registered on the website to create an account. Name and email is all that’s required, forward to me and I’ll get them registered.
Any other questions don’t hesitate to reach out to Paul B. Happy shopping and planting!