Seeking Input About MUUC’s Music

Vivian Montgomery is back! She’s working with Tara and Susanne, focusing on how to enrich the MUUC music program — and she wants to hear from YOU and everyone in the MUUC community. When it comes to our music, what are your wants and needs? Send an email to [email protected]com by June 7, with your answers to these two questions:
1) What SPECIFIC things do you appreciate in MUUC’s music? and

2) What SPECIFIC things would you like to have happen in MUUC’s music that haven’t yet?

And for folks who have been involved in music-making for worship (choir members, other singers, instrumentalists)  — or who’d like to be, Vivian is hosting two Listening Sessions:
Listening Session 1
Sunday June 6, 12noon -1pm
Vivian hosts Zoom listening session for MUUC musicians’ hopes and dreams. Zoom Link
Listening Session 2
Tuesday June 8, 7:30-8:30 pm
Vivian hosts another Zoom conversation for musicians’ hopes and dreams. Zoom link here.
I’m really looking forward to hearing from you and working together on expanding MUUC’s musical offerings! — Vivian Montgomery