Successful 4 x 4 Work Groups!

Josh, John, Dan and Jim,

We appreciate your work and all that was accomplished yesterday. We are wowed by our yard and shelves…

Here is the photo we took. It was also delightful hanging out with all of you.

With thanks and warmth,

From the Winner of the 2017 Men’s 4×4

On April 2017, MUUC held its annual Auction.

The Men’s 4×4 consists of 4 men, for 4 hours, providing work around your house. Yard work, painting, clearing out brush, and so on, are all part of the deal.

New this year was a Women’s 4×4. The women helped the thankful winner with cleaning and clearing out her closets and organizing and re-arranging her home.

Thanks to all of our 4×4 volunteers, those who bid on the 4x4s, and those who organized the Auction. See you again in the spring!