Task Force Help and Team Ministry Update

Work to sustain our church: Join a Task Force

As MUUC’s Board continue to learn from and support the work of committees, staff, members and friends, part of our job is to foster the involvement of our whole congregation.

This work is vital for the operation of our church and the sustenance of our mission.

Here is a sampling of some of the task groups and initiatives undertaken by and/or at the behest of the Board.

  • Sign – design and installation of a new permanent sign for the front of the church.
  • Right Relations – develop and oversee guidelines for how we interact and work together in community.
  • HR and staff support – review and develop policies and procedures, both short and long term, for how we support our staff in ways that are consistent with our values.
  • Communications and web site – how we communicate internally about our work and community, and how we attract and engage with our community beyond our walls.
  • Document storage – how we maintain vital church documents securely and accessibly.
  • Church rental policies and space usage – how we make our space available for internal and external use; how this supports our budget and operation consistent with our values.
  • Kitchen operation and safety – make effective use of our kitchen as a vital resource for our community and mission while helping to ensure physical safety and food safety.
  • Installation of settled minister – planning and carrying out the important and joyous observance and celebration to formally install the Rev. Susanne Intriligator as the settled minister of MUUC – on March 31, 2019.

This work is in various stages of progress. Some needs volunteer help to get started or to continue. The folks doing the work and the Board will make more information available as the work proceeds (in fact, the above item about communications web site is vital toward that end).

Please reach out to me directly [email protected] for more immediate information and to find out what help is needed.

Team Ministry Update

Here is some important information about our new Team Ministries undertaking this year.

  • Many members and friends sought a way of extending what we learned and experienced last year through our focus on Diversity, where exploration activities engaged the whole church in a variety of ways with focus on what most of us felt are important aspects of our values and mission.
  • MUUC leadership conceived of the Team Ministry concept as a way of engaging our whole church in meaningful work that reflects our values and our mission.
  • Ministries are formed as teams by members and friends from conceptions of what is most important for our church mission.
  • Suggestions of such ideas have been exhibited in coffee hour in recent weeks along with invitations for members and friends to express interest in participating in teams.
  • Teams are invited to propose how their ideas and aspirations might be undertaken by our church.
  • Proposals include descriptions of:
    • Goals.
    • Activities.
    • How the ministry reflects MUUC values and mission.
    • Core team of organizers, planners.
    • Extended team of supporters committed to carrying out the work.
    • How the whole congregation may be involved – including coordination and cooperation with committees and other church groups and activities.
    • How our community beyond MUUC might be engaged (e.g. events/activities inviting the public; outreach to related groups).
    • What resources (e.g. budget) might be needed.

Our learnings from last year’s Diversity work suggest that we may effectively undertake a small number of Team Ministry activities during the course of a church year. So that we may converge on and choose activities to undertake during the year, we will undertake a process that includes:

  • Teams prepare proposals including to the content described above, by November 13.
  • Proposals distributed to the congregation, via references in our Mid Week Notes, on November 14.
  • We will conduct a forum in the sanctuary immediately after worship on November 18. Teams will deliver short presentations and members and friends may discuss and ask questions. Then those assembled will vote on which proposals we want to see become this year’s whole-church priorities. Additional exploration may be possible during November through meetings, focus groups, etc.
  • Informed by the vote at the Nov. 18 forum, the Board, Council, and the teams will decide mutually on MUUC’s Team Ministry focus, by December 1.

Our work continues!