A Thank You from the UU Urban Ministry

I wanted to share a little video of our gratitude. We were floored by the support we received for the survivors we work with through Renewal House and Believe in Success. We are so grateful to Melrose UU Church for hosting this collection drive. (I mean, you really wowed us! I am grateful and also proud of you for your fundraising prowess. And I know that your success is, in large part, because of your championing.)

The holidays can be hard for the folks we work with any year, and this year has been especially challenging. We were so proud to be able to share your generosity with them to help make the season a little brighter.

As I shared with Mary Beth when we met up, today is my last day at the Urban Ministry. But one of my great joys from my time here — and there have been many! — has been getting to know and work with you both. And I am thrilled that Melrose continues to work with Nora on artist engagement and more. Thank you for letting us be your Urban Ministry and working alongside us to make change and build community.

In so much gratitude!

Greta Hagen
Director of Development
UU Urban Ministry
10 Putnam Street
Roxbury, MA 02119