UU Mass Action – Our Faith Calls Us to Change the World

My last two articles focused on the international reach of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and its affiliated organizations as well as the local impact of our New England Region. This month I’d like to highlight the work of the UU Mass Action organization which is the state action network organizing and mobilizing 140 UU congregations and 20,000 UU’s around issues of social justice. We are fortunate to have Social Justice Committee member Nancy F. involved with them and she of-ten shares their news and activities that are a “call to action”.

Ongoing work has included the well-publicized “Stop Spectra” neighborhood rallies in West Roxbury protesting a gas pipeline running through a densely populated residential area with a quarry. Several UU ministers and congregation members have been a constant presence at the vigils and a number have been arrested, including a 17 year-old from Haverhill. The most recent issue of UU World includes an article on page 51.

With the recent election the work of UU Mass Action is more important than ever. Climate justice work will inevitably change as will the need to protect those who are most vulnerable among us. In this week’s newsletter the Standing on the Side of Love director Caitlin Breedlove says that “we are now in a different political movement that requires new and different skills. Let’s be gentle with each other and our-selves as we navigate this new landscape”. Together.

As we look outside our walls to see how we can put our values into action consider the important work of this organization. Talk to Nancy F. in our congregation, and read this week’s UU Mass Action newsletter to see the many opportunities to become engaged.

In fellowship,

Nancy N.

Denominational Affairs