What’s The Good Word?

We are renewing our commitment to community engagement to support aspirations that came out of the House Meetings and Transition Team last year. As a starting point, we needed to find compelling language and messages to share with those beyond our walls. This is where you came in. A Community Engagement Team was assembled, and came up with a to-do list. First, they asked you:

What do you say to people when describing YOUR church?

You shared your words. You described your experiences, what you found most meaningful about your church experience, why you keep coming back; you described the spiritual dimension of your faith, and what moves you in church on Sunday.

The MUUC Community Engagement Team had a Wordle created with YOUR WORDS which will be displayed in Parish Hall. They are also creating a city-wide post-card mailing, participating in the Melrose Chamber of Commerce “Welcome To Melrose” bags for new home-owners, and the Victorian Fair. Ask any of them “What’s The Good Word?” – they’ll be happy to share!

MUUC Community Engagement Ad Hoc Task Group (Laura M., Nyla M., Cory M., Jean T., friend of the Group)