Accessibility at MUUC

We believe there should be no barriers to faith.

Mobility: Our building is wheelchair-accessible via the ramp located by our parking lot along the side-street. Reserved ability-based parking is also available in that parking lot. There are accessible restrooms on the main floor. There is plenty of room for all manner of accessibility equipment in our Sanctuary and elsewhere. Our lower-level has a non-compliant (steep) ramp; we are more than happy to assist getting each other downstairs. The dream is someday to have an elevator.


Hearing: Audio-assist devices are always available. Microphones are used during all presentations, and the microphone system is connected to the audio-assist devices.




Sight: Large-print hymnals are readily available in the sanctuary. All hymns and readings are displayed on a large overhead screen above the altar, and are split-screen displayed on our Zoom sessions.


Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your time here at MUUC welcoming & engaging. And do contact our Minister at “” our Director of Religious Education at “” or our Music Director at “” to discuss any specific requests for yourself or your children.