Exploring Diversity: On the Path To Understanding


During 2017-2018 church year, we invited our members, friends, and neighbors to explore diversity together. Using a model developed from our successful Green Sanctuary Month services, our aim was to establish a truly heartfelt understanding of diversity, both within and outside of our community.

The following Diversity topic areas were explored over the course of the 2017-2018 church year, featuring inter-generational Sunday Services and special events: Ability; Age; Race, Power & Privilege; Money; and Gender. More information about the 2017-2018 church year initiative is below.

Looking Forward to 2018-2019:

Following last church year, we realized we wanted to focus our Social Justice efforts in a more concentrated and dedicated manner. To that end, several topic suggestions were gathered, and topic teams presented proposals for the 2018-2019 year to the church community. The entire church voted to support the topics, and the top 2 vote-getters were “Anti-Racism” and “Immigration”. These two teams are moving forward with planning events and opportunities for education and involvement.

Efforts are now underway to create new web pages for these two topic teams. In the meantime, please read through what we did during 2018-2019, and you’ll learn more about what led us to where we are today.

2017-2018 Church Year: Exploring Diversity: On The Path To Understanding

Our first topic, Ability, has completed. For more on this, please visit our Diversity: Ability web post by clicking HERE.

Our second topic, Age, has completed. The Age Topic Team had a Worship Service on the topic, and selected Mystic Valley Elder Services as our Giving Beyond Our Walls recipient.

Our third topic, Race, Power and Privilege, has completed. For more on this, please visit our Diversity: Race, Power and Privilege webpost by clicking HERE.

Our fourth topic, Money, has completed. For more on this, please visit our Diversity: Race, Power and Privilege webpost by clicking HERE.

Our final topic, Gender, has completed. The Gender Topic Team had a Worship Service on the topic, book discussions, theater presentations, and selected nAGLY as our Giving Beyond Our Walls recipient.

Children’s Religious Education classes also including selected activities on each Diversity Topics, and each class made a church-wide presentation on what they learned, during this year’s Religious Education Sunday.

From the Transitions Team:

Having contributed our thoughts, our desires and our future hopes for Melrose UU, we have now set our course to explore diversity together seeking a truly heartfelt understanding of diversity. 

Together includes all of us – From young to old, of all genders and identities, some living lives of necessary frugality, others with grateful wealth, on both sides of average, born of luck or circumstance, and now finding ourselves here together. 

We expect each topic will be deeply explored across multiple week periods, including Sunday Services. We anticipate creative program offerings including film, lecture, hands-on activities, meals together, forums, and field trips. This is an ambitious but vital agenda to the work of our Church. It promises to be meaningful to all who participate in the creation and experience of the activities. We invite you now, and will again, to join us as we set about Exploring Diversity Together.