Giving Beyond Our Walls

Each month MUUC shares 50% of the Sunday non-pledge Plate Offerings. Through this initiative we have contributed our time and donated thousands of dollars to worthy organizations, putting our 7 principles into action and working on behalf of the dignity of all people.

To learn more about this month’s organization, please click on the link on the organization’s name.

Determination of the 2019-2010 GBOW Recipients is done monthly at Board Meetings.


December 2019: RIM (Refugee Immigration Ministry)

Refugee Immigration Ministry is an Interfaith Ministry whose purpose was originally to offer Spiritual Care in the detention facilities. As RIM has expanded to other services the collaboration between faith groups has brought volunteers together from many cultures and faiths to provide community-based services to uprooted and often isolated persons.┬áBy bringing uprooted people into a community they are able to build trust and can begin the process of rebuilding their lives. By sharing faith practices, and cultural customs RIM volunteers are enriched and inspired.┬áPlease see “” for more information.

Next Month: UU Urban Ministry