Giving Beyond Our Walls

Photo By: Jenny Brown

Since 2008, each month MUUC has shared 50% of the Sunday non-pledge Plate Offerings.

Through this initiative we have contributed our time and donated thousands of dollars to worthy organizations, putting our 7 principles into action and working on behalf of the dignity of all people.

Determination of the GBOW Recipients is done monthly at Board Meetings based on our Soul Matters theme for the month.

Nov 2022: The Food Drive

The Food Drive is a local team of dedicated volunteers. They have grown from partnering with one food pantry and one grocery store to working with eighteen recipient organizations and nineteen food rescue donors. The Food Drive’s business model is small, local, and flexible so that recipients receive food the same day as the donation (usually within 5 miles of Melrose), and so that rescue donors support their neighbors. Their mission is to promote food access, food justice, and climate action. A significant portion of the rescued food is fresh produce, helping to bridge the shortage of healthy food available to people in poverty.

(photo: E. Gimenez)

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