Nursery Caregiver Job Posting

The Melrose Unitarian Universalist Church is seeking a Nursery Caregiver. This would be a part-time position.

Position Description Summary: 

The Nursery Caregiver, working with the Minister, the Director of Religious Education  and the Religious Education Committee, will assume responsibility for providing Child  Care Services in the Church nursery during Sunday worship service. The Nursery  Caregiver will work closely with volunteers who assist with Child Care Services in order  to comply with Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Safe Congregation guidelines.  The Nursery Caregiver is expected to be available on Sunday from 10:00 am until Noon.  The Nursery Caregiver, if available, will have the opportunity for additional hours to provide Child Care Services for Special Church Events. Given that the goal of the  Nursery is to provide a nurturing environment for pre-church school children, the Nursery Caregiver will be required to successfully pass a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) and a Sexual Offender Record Information (SORI) check. This is a  part-time hourly position for 2 hours per week for the 42 weeks of the church year.


Child Care Services are those services normally considered to be “babysitting services.”  These services do not have education as the primary focus and therefore are to be distinguished from classes provided through the congregation’s Religious Education Program. However, such services are not precluded from having an educational component. 

Special Church Event is any event that is outside the regularly scheduled Sunday worship  service. 

Position Qualifications: 

The successful candidate should possess these qualifications: 

  1. Prior experience with delivering Child Care Services; 
  2. Prior experience in organizing age appropriate activities for the pre-school children attending the Nursery; 
  3. Ability to maintain a safe environment for the children attending the Nursery;
  4. Willingness to work closely with volunteers; 
  5. Ability to maintain enrollment and attendance records; and 
  6. Prior experience in supervising an Assistant, including high school age individuals. 
  7. Formal training as infant and/or toddler caregiver is a plus. 


Reporting Relationship: 

The Nursery Caregiver will receive day-to-day supervision from the Director of Religious Education. It is expected that the Nursery Caregiver will also receive, and at  times seek, guidance and advice from the Minister and the Religious Education  Committee. 

Primary Responsibilities: 

The Nursery Caregiver will maintain primary responsibility for: 

  1. Greeting parents and children at the beginning of the Child Care Service  experience while managing separation issues; 
  2. Understanding, following, and coordinating current Covid protocols of MUUC;
  3. Serving snacks and clean up as required, including toys and other equipment in the Nursery; 
  4. Supervising play activities and reading to the children; 
  5. Organizing other age appropriate activities, including but not limited to art projects, singing, circle time, etc.; 
  6. Managing conflicts and other children behaviors; 
  7. Maintaining enrollment and attendance records as directed by the Director of Religious Education; 
  8. Organizing and cleaning up the room at the termination of the Child Care Service;
  9. Answering questions from parents and/or legal guardians when returning to pick up their child; 
  10. Adapting the operations of the Nursery based on consultation with the Director of Religious Education, the Religious Education Committee, the Minister, and the  parents and legal guardians of the participating children; 
  11. Guiding Assistants to the Nursery Caregiver in handling and interacting with the children attending the Nursery and receiving Child Care Services; and
  12. Working closely with the Director of Religious Education to identify areas for improving the operations of the Nursery and addressing issues that arise during the normal course of Nursery operations. 



$20.00 per hour 

Interested applicants should send a resume to: 

By email: [email protected] 

Or by mail:

Melrose UU Church
Attn: Personnel Committee
70 West Emerson Street
Melrose, MA 02176