Recording Our Services

For those who cannot attend our online services Sunday mornings, we share them by recording and posting to our YouTube account.

Some of our visitors have expressed concern about “being videotaped.” Be reassured that our online videos only include the worship participants (the minister, lay leader, choir, etc). Unless you actively participate in the service, either as a prearranged participant, or by intentionally unmuting your microphone and speaking, you and your name won’t appear in the final recording.

Things that do appear in the recordings:

*  All pre-arranged active participants (the minister, lay leader, readers, etc.)
*  Pre-recorded videos shared by the worship technician
*  All audio heard during the service
*  Video of anyone who intentionally unmutes their microphone and speaks during the service

Things that don’t appear in the recordings:

*  The gallery of video views of people (except for those who unmute their microphone and speak,
or are deliberately spot-lit by the host per pre-arrangement)
*  The names of those not participating in the service
*  Chat messages exchanged during the service
*  Any of the coffee hour breakout rooms (recording ends at the end of the main service)

If you are really concerned:

Change your login name to something you consider safe for others to see during the service
*  Keep your video camera disabled
*  Keep your microphone muted

If you have further concerns or question, please contact our minister.