Worship May 29, 2022, 10:30am — The Shape of Love and Justice: Fat Liberation As Faithful Work

“Body Positive” by Kitt Stubbs

While “body positivity” is taking off as a concept, we are still surrounded by the pressure to be flawless, thin, healthy, and active. Dominant culture teaches us that these traits indicate superior morals, better work ethic, and sometimes even basic dignity. This Sunday, our service explores the faithful work involved in loving and respecting the body — our own and those of others — and why “positivity” isn’t enough to ensure justice and fair treatment.

Featuring a personal reflection from Jennie Wengrovius.
Guest Preacher Rev. Molly Hammerhand (fae/faer pronouns) is a Unitarian Universalist minister whose work focuses on navigating the intersections of body size, disability, neurodivergence, and gender. Fae has provided educational programming for the UUA, the UU Ministers’ Association, and the 2021 UUA General Assembly. Rev. Molly lives in New Hampshire with faer spouse and three cats.


You’re welcome in person or on Zoom. (Link in orange button below.)
Masks are required during the worship service.
We can provide KN95s. We will have air filtration machines running.
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